June 2, 2016

Messenger And Chill

First World Problem

Let’s discuss a first world problem that we’ve all suffered, painfully. You pull up Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, and spend hours upon hours of scrolling through all the titles. “Seen it, seen it, looks boring, looks dumb, not in the mood, etc”.  Well, a startup company has heard your cries of desperation and have developed a solution for this awful problem.

And Chill

** update: the url for And Chill is in the paragraph below. Since it’s such a new app, Googling “And Chill” doesn’t take you to the right site: **

A startup company is in it’s infancy stage in solving this issue. It is available for use right now. The company is called And Chill. Go ahead and try it.  And Chill uses Facebook’s Messenger to deliver you recommendations on what to watch, based on what you like. They are a little tight-lipped on the algorithm they use, and the behind the scenes technical specs, but I tried it, and it really does work.  Granted, as any new products, there are bugs and it’s a little slow. Their reason is that as users are trying out the app, they have manual intervention in order to verify the data delivered is relevant.

And Chill uses data about what you like, and it recommends similar movies for you to watch. I tried it out and below are screenshots of my interaction.

  1. Saying “Hi” or anything, triggers the bot to answer you with instructions
  2. You type a movie you like, and a reason why you like it
  3. After a few minutes, it recommends a couple movies and provides trailers for the movies

Screenshots of My Experience

Screenshot_20160601-154858        Screenshot_20160601-155029        Screenshot_20160601-155040


What is Bots for Messenger?

Just recently (April 2016), Facebook released their Bots for Messenger framework. Essentially, this framework makes it possible for developers to connect with the more than 900 million people around the world who use Messenger on their mobile device.  The advantage of having access to this framework is that it helps increase interaction between you and your audience (whether for personal use or business use), without having to build stand-alone mobile applications. Basically, you can reach your audience through any device that can run Facebook Messenger (iPhone, Android, etc).

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