August 26, 2016

Johnston Engineering

Launched IT has had the privilege of working with a local brand new Mechanical Engineering firm in downtown Spokane. Andy Johnston, the principal Engineer for Johnston Engineering sought out Launched IT to help accelerate his business growth via corporate identity, branding and overall web presence.

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Johnston Engineering was founded in August of 2015 to provide exceptional mechanical engineering design and engineering analysis services to a broad range of clients in the biomedical, consumer product, HVAC, and manufacturing fields. We handle all phases of the design cycle from concept to reality through the design of machined, welded, brazed, bonded, extruded and injection molded components. Our core analysis competencies include system engineering of fluid flow systems, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and component and assembly structural analysis using the latest Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics design packages.

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Launched IT helped Johnston Engineering with following:

Corporate Branding:

  • logo
  • business cards

Website Presence:

  • website design
  • website development and implementation


  • domain name purchase
  • hosting


Andy is the Principal Engineer for Johnston Engineering. He is a top performing mechanical engineer and proactive leader with extensive thermal management expertise.

Andy has spent the past 9 years excelling in the analysis, design, and test of single- and two-phase thermal management systems. His focus has been on boiling and condensing systems including, cold plates, heat exchangers, fluid conveyance and HVAC.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga University and a Washington State Professional Engineer license.

Andy is also currently an Adjunct Instructor of Mechanical Engineering at Gonzaga University

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