March 6, 2017


In this day and age of Internet business, the idea of having to be in the same city as your IT company makes little if any sense. The thresholds of instant messages, universal long distance, and video conferencing at your finger tips makes the world much smaller. We have grown tired of paying the hidden imposed tax that Seattle and other large cities have. How is that? Seattle like other cities has become a large traffic jam, housing is incredibly expensive, food is more, gas prices higher, and the list goes on. YOU as the consumer pay that freight through higher costs. Did you think the companies in expensive cities carry that cost out of the charity in their hearts? We found Launched IT through our family in the very reasonably priced Spokane community in Washington State.
After several phone calls, emails, IM’s, we had a sit down with the creative genius Victor Orellana, the leader of Launched IT. We have a large multi-faceted project that demands attention to a difficult array of issues spanning every conceivable aspect of the Internet, as well as art work, sound recording, video creation, book publishing, and the creation of a graphic novel.
The passion of Victor becomes infectious, his quick grasp of this spread of issues is very reassuring, and his calm demeanor enjoyable.
Now we are looking to sell our home in Seattle and move to Spokane! It has none of the traffic issues, and is reasonable in pricing!

Russell H. Ford, Published Author

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