March 6, 2017

Improving Your Titles Will Improve Your Business.

Improve your titles

Why improve your titles?

Most people just scan titles instead of reading paragraph content. In this day and age of news and media being at our fingertips it is common for people to only read the headlines of an article. This is even more apparent when you consider that people are only reading the titles when they scroll through a Google search results page (serp).

In order to make my point I Googled Steakhouse Spokane to see what would show up. I was actually surprised at the results. Churchill’s Steakhouse was the only steakhouse that showed up; at least in the top five anyway. You would think that other steakhouses would show up at the top of the list, but they don’t. Let’s take a look at the results.

Of the top 5 only one is an actual steakhouse, and even its title is pretty vague. Churchill’s really doesn’t have any competition in this list. If they did, they could improve their listing with a title that grabbed your attention a little more. Imagine if the title read something like this…

“Seven Reasons Why Spokane is recommending Churchill’s Steakhouse.”

The more people that click on your title the better your site will rank. This is one reason why people pay for clicks. By using a pay per click campaign you can guarantee that your site gets out in front of your audience for awhile. But you might not need a pay per click campaign. You can also improve your site ranking by simply writing better titles. It may take some time to write a really good title. It is not unheard of for writers to spend a day or two coming up with the perfect title.

Use your titles to better serve your customers. Write your titles with your customers in mind. How can you better serve them? Your business is not about you; it is about what you can do for your customer.

How to improve your titles

Now that you know that you need to write better titles, how do you go about doing that? I would start by doing some keyword research so that you will have a better idea of what your title topic should be.

Incorporate your keywords. Do some keyword research. For example; consider the words headlines and titles. Are more people looking to improve their site by improving their titles, or improving their headlines? Knowing which is the more popular term will help you attracted the visitors searching for that term. Take a look at your competitors. What keywords are they using? Can you improve on the titles that they have?

Remember to use your hierarchy. Your titles should be <h1> or <h2>. An h1 should be followed by an h2 and an h2 followed by an h3 and so on. Write them so that one headline flows to the next. For example. If your H1 read something like, “Chuck Norris is the best.” Then your H2 should have something to do with Chuck Norris and not just start talking about something completely different like how Bruce Lee invented his own martial art. Keep them connected and flowing from one to the next.

Try to keep your titles between 6 – 8 words

Use emotional words. Words like amazing, incredible, and painstakingly stir up emotion in the reader.

Trending words like: Hack, Free, Howto.

Counting and list phrases: 5 ways to, 7 best

Use words that make the reader curious. Asking questions for instance: How did [blank] get to be so popular? Here is a great example taking from today’s Facebook feed.

It makes you want to click on it to find out what the SICK question is….. right?

Avoid vague titles: 

Poor title: Website improvements.
Better title: 5 ways we can improve your website.

Lastly, here are some tools that might help you to write better titles.

  1. This link to a title builder. It is a fun way to get some ideas flowing.
  2. These infographics. These break down what kind of list you could use for your next post and help you to structure them better.

Like always if you have a comment or question feel free to write us and let us know.

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