June 6, 2017

Why should LaunchedIT handle your SEO?

black and white logo for catering company

Because SEO is not just about the techy things people do to their websites.

Digital Marketing also covers details like your company’s art-direction, Push-Pull Marketing, and content direction.
It’s about marketing. How to market. When to market. What to say and how to say it. And yes, there is some techy stuff in there as well.

So why have LaunchedIT do it? LaunchedIT designs, develops, and markets their customer’s projects from start to finish and beyond. Each phase is important because each phase depends on each other. You can’t have good development if your design is lacking and so on.

Let’s imagine LaunchedIT is handling the marketing for a new company called “Cuisine Nouveau”. Let’s touch on some of the things you would expect from LaunchedIT.

Company: Cuisine Nouveau Catering and Dining.

  • New logo and company branding, like color combinations, stock images and fonts.

black and white logo for catering company

Here is a quick example of a potential logo. A logo for light and dark environments helps you to see how the logo will be used. It may inspire you to make some changes in fact.

  • Design and launch a new website inline with the company branding.

LaunchedIT can buy your domain name for you, setup your hosting and build your website. The new site would definitely be responsive, which means it works on all devices. A great deal of the SEO is not even visible unless you know where to look. A responsive site is just one. Some other things are where the site is hosted and how quickly your site loads. All of these things affect how well your site performs.

Sample Website Design

  • Custom Stock Photography

Sometimes you need an image for your website that is unique. An image of your food, business, or city for instance. LaunchedIT has a professional photographer on staff. LaunchedIT’s photographer has taken a wide range of photographs; everything from weddings to movies. Let’s say you need an image of Spokane for your social media …..

Mockup of a social media banner


  • Post social content at the right times.

Posting on social media is not as easy as some may think. It’s not just about being the best you can be all the time. It is also about being timely when you are being the best you can be all the time. Knowing what to put on social media for your business and when to put it on is an art all unto itself. If LaunchedIT was posting social content for a car lot they probably would post in the early morning around 9AM and in the evening at 5PM. But for a restaurant 5 might be too early. Depending on the clientele, the posting times may change. The point would be to post some content right before dinner encouraging folks to eat out instead of bothering with cooking. A post of what is cooking would probably get more people in the door instead of an ad, and these are the things that LaunchedIT is all over.

  • Review the photographer that took your food images.

Off Page SEO is all the marketing that is done apart from your actual website. Some of the ways to improve search results include sponsoring events, leaving testimonials on relative topic websites, posting comments on blogs and much more.

  • Post a video on how to make a featured entre.

LaunchedIT can even shoot videos for your YouTube channel. These videos are great when it comes to marketing and can be used a number of places. Repeatedly. Over and over.

  • LaunchedIT is there to help them with their mobile app as well.

Whether the mobile app is your business or an addition to your business, LaunchedIT can build it.

mobile phone mockup for catering company

LaunchedIT works on your branding, development, and marketing stages together because they are all interconnected. The marketing depends on the design and the design cooperates with the development and functionality of your site or app. We know how important each piece of the puzzle is, which is why we have invested in doing all of these important steps together, as a team.

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