June 22, 2017

The importance of great leadership in business


I was watching Facebook live this morning. Mark Zuckerberg was on there talking about Facebook groups. He said that “building great communities takes great leaders”.

Oh, how true! Businesses, sports, groups, the military, families, and churches all have leaders that make a difference in their success.

Have you ever noticed how a thriving business begins to struggle the moment the person that head that business leaves? It’s like a TV show that does really well until a cast member leaves. Then suddenly the show starts to go downhill.

Certain people are really good for business, while others really struggle with it. I think it comes down to an attitude rather than a skill set. Sure their skills are important, but the truth is that two people with the same skills are not at all similar if their moods are quite dissimilar. I have seen businesses fail simply because they aren’t serving the customer like their competition is.

There are all kinds of attitudes that are good for business. I believe the attitude that works best could be described as kindness. I think kindness best describes an attitude of respect and common courtesy.

A close second is the attitude of happiness. Not giddy or goofy, but pleasantly optimistic. Happiness is where you will find humor and positivity. If you put happiness and kindness together you have a large influence on the groups and teams you lead. Especially when everyone on the team knows they are just as important as the other members.

I have come across a few businesses that really stand out when it comes to kindness and happiness. The owner of one of them welcomes new students personally and takes time out of his day to share how the kids are improving with the parents. He wants to talk about things you are interested in as well as what he is teaching. Every level of student is just as important as the next. The more advanced students share and help the younger, newer students and are taught to not only remember what it was like when they were new but also to remember that they cannot get any better if they are training without the new students. So each level is important. Each person in the organization is critical to the success of that organization.

Another example would be when I worked on movies. Every person on the set is equal, whether you are the actor, or the PA making sure everyone knows you are rolling. The actor is only as good as the crew that is putting together the movie. When they shoot a movie they all come together, sacrificing what they need to in order to get the job done and done well. I used to say, if you look good I look good. If my photo of you is a good one, then I look good as a photographer.

There are so many examples. That is just a small sample. I could name quite a few.

Teamwork working as a team

LaunchedIT is a tight knit family like this. Each person here knows how important their jobs is, but also how important the other guy’s job is. Producing an amazing product means everyone plays a role. Each role is just as important as the next. The graphic designer is no less important than the code writers and visa-versa. We all work together to produce and market the best product available. It feels really good to know people have your back and that you have theirs when you are working on a project. It is also amazing to have a team leader like Victor making us all feel important and unified as we work on your projects.

Thank you, Victor!

Thank you LaunchedIT!

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