October 2, 2017

Listening is the first step in building an effective marketing strategy.

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You need to listen to the buyer personas in order to know how to better serve them. So that is what we do. 

When I was younger, my older brother explained to me that a key to surviving high school was to listen to what was going on around me. before that time I had never given it any thought. I just lived inside my own world and never really looked or listened to what was going on around me. I was more interested in giving my input than letting others have their say.

I tried it though. On the first day of school, I rode the bus and said nothing. I sat there and for the first time listened. It worked. It soon became a habit to not interject my opinion but to process what other people were thinking instead.

I found out what was on their mind. What their concerns were. What they thought was funny and what pissed them off.

This is how good businesses know how to deal with your concerns and questions. A good doctor will ask why you are there and your mechanic will ask you why you brought your car in in the first place.

It would be silly to have your doctor or mechanic start working on you or your vehicle without talking to you first. Right? But that is how I see some marketing companies work. They start answering questions before you even ask them. “You need to do this and that, and we know best so listen to us.”

They identify your best keywords without even knowing what people are looking for in your area.

When we stop listening to our buyer personas we run the risk of missing the target in our marketing. The iPhone is a good example. When they released the 3G they didn’t anticipate that the Japanese would desire a more technical version than the US model. As a result the 3G didn’t do as well in Japan.

Even the larger, more well known companies, cannot afford to ignore their buyer personas.

To make the job of collecting data on your buyer persona’s a little easier, we have made this guide or template.

Buyer Persona Template



Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Persona Template

There are several ways of building profiles. You can use more than one. Here are some ways you can do it.
  • Feedback. 

Let people comment on your posts.

  • Surveys. 

You can initiate a survey. Using is a good way of making a professional survey.

  • Polls.

Like a survey, you can add a poll to your Facebook page, or website.

  • Interviews. 

Take the direct approach and talk to your customers face to face.

  • Testimonials. 

Ask your customers to leave you a testimonial. Those can be helpful sometimes even if they tend to be less critical when you are asking them to leave a review.

  • Following on Social Media. 

Just watch the comments and posts by people on social media accounts.

  • Your own analytics. 

Pay attention to your analytics. Watch for trends in searches and page results.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you out.

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