October 11, 2017

Another look at SEO in Spokane (your hometown).

Spokane SEO and Web Development

Contrary to popular belief there is actually an advantage to having a small business in Spokane. Even though you lack what the big stores have, ie capital for advertising, mass amounts of employees, etc., people would rather do business with your smaller company than the large, impersonal corporations. You may not have the budget to compete with the big stores, but you have resources available that you can use that really don’t cost all that much. Some are even free, like local SEO for the Spokane area, and social media.

Downtown Spokane small business

Some of the things your small business has going for it include:

Customer service. 

People don’t want to wade through a spider’s web of confusing phone directories, just to get an answer to their question. They want to simply pick up the phone and speak with a real human being; someone they can understand.

Less Competition. 

You have less competition in your niche. 46% of small businesses don’t even have a website. Combine that with the fact that more and more people are shopping online and you can probably see how you can take advantage of the market here. You can use your website, SEO and marketing to reach more customers than your competition that rely solely on traditional marketing and word of mouth. It cost them more to advertise that way, so you are saving money as well as potentially reaching more people.

Ecommerce stats from

You know the area and speak the language. 

When I say you speak the language I am not only talking English, but the language that specific to this area. There is a uniqueness to the way people from Spokane speak. Did you know that? People that aren’t from here probably wouldn’t understand a conversation about the Zags. Not to mention knowing what a Ziggy’s is. People from other areas have no idea of the struggle daily drivers face commuting from Wandermere to downtown Spokane. We know what a Green Bluff is and why it is so amazing in the fall. The list goes on and on.

What must you do to succeed in the local Spokane SEO market? 

1) Start with pumping some SEO ‘gas’ into your Local SEO with some on-page optimization.

Here are just a few things you can do to improve your on-page SEO. Some of these items are critical to your local SEO, which is what we use to target this area.

  • Your NAP should include your hours of operation, not just your location.
  • GMB: Google My Business. Pictures, description, hours.
  • Your on-page SEO is important
  • Use your H1 and H2 tags.
  • Use multimedia
  • Mobile responsive
  • Outbound links.
  • Internal links.
  • Site speed.
  • social shares.
  • post length
  • first 3-5 words in a URL are given more weight.


2) Improve your content. Improve all content. Be the best of the best. Try to be anyway. 

If you are having trouble coming up with really good content you could try the “Skyscraper” technique. Basically, you find content that has been done well and try to take it one step further. If it is a list of best items, try to increase that list by as many as possible.

If you saw a video that you liked, maybe you can do one better?

3) Market your content. Tell others. Get links. GMB. 

Pumping out content hoping that something catches on doesn’t work as well as quality content and reaching out to quality sources for links to your content.


Everything can be done a little bit better than before.


“My content writing is barely average anyway. 😃 What do I do to gain the attention of others?”

It’s okay if your content writing is average. My suggestion would be to focus your content on where the buyer is in their buyer’s journey. Ask yourself, are they just looking for information, or are they ready to buy? What you write should address the specific questions these stages will produce.

And marketing doesn’t end with the purchase either.

Don’t forget to reward your customer once they buy from you. Go the extra mile. Delight your customer. This will have them leaving positive reviews and telling others.

You see, every search engine optimizer in Spokane knows these SEO techniques that “improve ranking”, but, what makes one work so much better than the others? I would say mixing in some inbound marketing techniques to your SEO is what is required to do the trick.

SEO can only help you so much without marketing. Likewise, marketing a site without SEO is also pointless.

This is why I say,

“Your website is not done. Ever. “

Don’t be misled into thinking that someone can build your website and when it is done you won’t have to do anything with it anymore. Even the best sites should have a steady stream of content being generated. As a matter of fact, posting more content, more often, increases your site’s ranking.

Number 66 on Backlinko’s “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List” speaks about this. Moz and other professional SEOs recommend this as well.

“66. Site Updates: How often a site is updated — and especially when new content is added to the site — is a site-wide freshness factor.”

Do you need SEO at all? Maybe your site has already been optimized. How would you know? 

There are several places you can go to have an audit done on your site to see if it needs work. I think it is safe to assume that every SEO in the business is going to recommend at least some work needs to be done on your site. That is what they are in the business for. So I would suggest you get some free feedback on your site as a second opinion. Not to determine if you need to work on your site, but rather to determine what kind of work needs to be done.

It would be safe to say that every site needs work done. The question is what kind of work needs to be done. It is also helpful to compare your site’s score with your competitors’ or a professional site that you know does well.

Here are some tools for you to try:

There are a lot more too. Just Google to find a few more.

So, to sum all of this up:

SEO and marketing work together to help you attract more visitors to your site. You stand a good chance in this economic environment if you have a website for your small business built and leveraged to help your business grow.

LaunchedIT is here to help you with your Website, design, marketing, SEO and all that is necessary for your business to succeed online.

Let’s talk.

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