December 19, 2017

Web design contributes to your Brand Identity

Spokane Web Development [brand identity]
Spokane Web Development and company branding

Spokane Web Development and company branding work together in this example for Dermatology Clinic of Spokane.

How does branding work, and how does my website play a part in it?

You have probably heard the terms branding identity or branding or company branding. But what the heck does it mean, how do you get it and why do you need it?

So let’s start with the question of what it is.

Brand identity: Your company image made from all the branding elements like logo, fonts and colors.

Branding: This is the process you go through to design and apply all the elements that help identify your company’s brand.

Brand: The way the world sees your company.

I think you will agree with me that companies need logos to help them be more identifiable.

But is that all they need? Just a logo?

Most of the time the answer is a resounding NO!

Building your brand identity is an involved artform.

Consider the number of branding elements that go into some of more well-known companies.

Take Pepsi’s LIVE FOR NOW campaign for example.

Pepsi branding guidelines for their Live for Now campaign

Pepsi branding guidelines for their Live for Now campaign

They are very specific about what goes into their campaign. For instance, their grid of photos is specifically detailed as far as what photos go where and how the photos are used. In addition the types of photos are very specific. Here are some words that are used to describe the types of photos allowed.



Pepsi explains in their branding guidelines that


“Our visuals excite consumers to get involved in the moment with images that capture genuine emotion and energize consumers to go out and make the most of now. Language closes the loop, making Pepsi a partner in enjoying each moment.”


They go into detail as for which images are used, how they are used and where they are used. Read their PDF for more detail.


Here is another example:


As you can imagine they are very specific about their brand identity. They have a list of dos and don’ts regarding their logo, trademark and name. The list includes font usage, logo and more. A lot of this is probably pretty obvious. But could imagine the problems they would have as a company if they didn’t say anything? Someone somewhere would no doubt change the font, or create something more imaginative with the logo. 😃

For example: “The logo should never be obstructed by any item; it should be seen in its entirety and not be overpowered by other designs.”

McDonalds Company Branding Example

McDonalds Company Branding Example

So how does this apply to web design and development?

A large part of your company’s exposure is done through your website. Your website speaks volumes about your business. For most small to medium-sized businesses, your website is probably your most identifiable element of branding that you have right now.

It displays your fonts, images, sayings, logos consistently for all to see. Even your copy is an important part of your branding on your website.

Blast Flyers company branding

Blast Flyers company branding

We make sure your website is consistent with your branding. If you don’t really know what your branding is and want it developed a little further we can help you with that.

We can discuss your logo meaning and interpretation, your colors and color psychology, as well as font usage and font pairing.

Did you know that each color has a positive and negative potential effect on your clientele? For example, the downside to the color blue is that it can make your customer feel bored? It’s a great color for serious, grounded businesses, but when it is used incorrectly it can drive people away. Interesting huh?

When you see your branding elements together in one spot it can really bring the company brand into focus. Your website will not end up being a random mess of images and thoughts, that is for sure.

Example branding elements for Dermatology Clinic of Spokane

Example branding elements for Dermatology Clinic of Spokane.

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