Grant Whitaker

I was raised in a family with an Irish / German background that always stressed the importance of work and providing for your family. 

No matter how down or hungover you are, you show up for work, not just to better yourself and the company, but to better your family. I rarely miss work but when I do it is because I am an inch away from death or just had a dislocated knee from softball. 

I have been at LaunchedIT for almost 7 months now. In that 7 months I have discovered potential I never thought I would have, from helping design a framework, to managing a kick ass team on a realestate project. I am fluent in multiple programming languages, but that means zero if you are not able to bounce ideas off of like minded individuals. They say that you can tell alot about a man by the people who he calls friends. 

I say you can tell even more about a man by the people he chooses to work with.