Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing

Over 80 thousand people hit publish on their blog every hour! Are you ready to compete with that? 

We are marketing ninjas.

Are you looking for a way to cut past all the competition, or fast track your new company’s offering into the public eye? We can help with all your online marketing needs from Facebook ad campaigns to micro sites and online contests. 

In selling nothing beats face to face interaction. We’ll help you communicate directly, and convincingly, to your customers through targeted ads, email campaigns and more.   

Web design, web development and internet Marketing are really all the same thing.

You can’t have one without the other. It is possible to speak of one discipline at a time, but the truth is they are all part of the same thing; your business online. 

A website that is not being marketed would be like printing off business cards and never handing them out. It doesn’t even make sense to design and build a site unless you are going to tell others about it. Right? 

Marketing is an ongoing strategy to complete your online business. Your website is designed built and online, now comes the task of spreading the word and telling others. 

Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing can be further broken down into subcategories like SEO and Local SEO. Even marketing has a couple of different approaches; traditional and inbound.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the polar opposite to traditional marketing. Traditional is often viewed as intrusive. Inbound in comparison is welcoming and relationship building. 

Inbound marketing attracts clients by supplying amazing content. In your niche you will have a typical buyer persona, and that persona will have questions along their buying journey. Your content will be designed to better serve them in their hunt for your product or service. 


Everything you do online with your business needs to be Search Engine Optimized. 

Whether it is video content or images. All of your content needs to be search engine friendly so that people can find your product or service. 

SEO tends to be a little more technical and logical. It is common to see charts and scores of data as your SEO is being worked on.

Introduction to SEO
Social Media

Social media and local SEO is how we go about reaching your customers where you live. We do that for two reasons. 

1) This is where you live. 


2) It is a lot tougher to compete for general keywords on a national level. 

Sometimes it can be done but be prepared for a long internet campaign to get the results. 

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