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We dedicate our developers to your projects and together we create amazing apps.  I could bore you with all the coding languages we speak and go on for a while about the differences between AngularJS and NodeJS, but that is not why you hire us. You want your app and you want it done correctly, and that is what we do. You can leave all the coding and heavy lifting to us.

We are the mobile app development company in Spokane. We are local. We live, work and play here. We get it.

We put forth the effort to listen and to understand what it is you need. People that have partnered with us to build their app say it is like we can read their minds.

This is what we do and this is why you love us. We are skilled, fun to work with and for once in your life, local.

LaunchedIT is local.

Imagine you have a great idea for a mobile app. You know your idea is going to be successful and for sure a money maker, but it has to be done right. Would you hand off your idea or concept to a company in another country and hope they get it right? Are you going to hope that they can read your mind and figure out what you want? Maybe you want to drive to Seattle a few times or to Oregon to get your tech team on the same page as you.

Or would you rather speak to the team working on your project right here in Spokane? Why drive several hours when you can meet with us at our office in downtown Spokane?

LaunchedIT is not only your best source in Spokane for SEO, logo design and website creation, but we are your specialist when it comes to mobile apps as well. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a mobile app development team in Spokane, not to mention one that is as qualified as this one. And when I say team, I mean team. We are more than just a developer or two working on your mobile app. We are a team, including designers and marketers that can develop your app through all the stages of its development. 

LaunchedIT has the skills.

Every one of our developers is a graduate of Eastern. Andrey is our specialist, and each developer has their own specialty. Even the designer knows some code (although most of it is out of date). 

We don’t just use h1 tags for styling purposes. We use them for the purpose in which they were intended.

LaunchedIT understands marketing. Yes, we know how to market your app once it has been completed. We are in the business of online marketing and we can do all the things you need us to do to get the job done. That includes Instagram notifications, Facebook pages and events, flyers, business cards and all the SEO you need to help build your network, just to name a few.

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