JohnstonPE Wall Plaque

Our client Andy, Principal Engineer at JohnstonPE was being awarded with a nice metal sign that is going to be hung on the way of a coworking space because he sponsored one spot for a year.

It is advertising for his company and informing people in the space about what Andy does and hopefully will have them call him for any prototyping, design or engineering work.

When designing different pieces we first take a good long look at the purpose of the piece. Where will it be, and how will people interact with it? A magazine spread is very different from a sign being read from the street while cruising down the freeway.

For this particular piece the priority was text readability and company branding. It would be nice if we could incorporate images into posters or plaques like this, but they tend to make the plaque difficult to read. It had to be easy to read and fit completely with the company branding.

The second issue was we didn’t want the poster to be boring. It has to be graphic appealing and easy to read. So we took the main points and created a bold hierarchy. The paragraphs were set apart graphically and yet flow through out in an exciting way.

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