Spokane’s web development company, LaunchedIT, introduces one of their latest projects called Movsi.

The Movsi breakdown:

Movsi is a way to streamline and modernize the real estate process. From selling to buying a home, Movsi removes the man in the middle and lets buyer/seller interact directly and save money.

With Movsi, you don’t have a real estate agent, so you have to do more legwork in finding out all of the information needed when listing your house. Stuff like, the number of bathrooms, providing your own photographs of the house, etc. Movsi pulls a lot of data from existing data sources like MLS to make it easier for the customer to fill that in. Movsi’s fees are also a lot less. There’s a flat fee instead of a percentage.

You can also directly communicate with the buyer/seller and do offers/counter offers.

Finally, there’s a neat “houses for sale” google map on the main page.


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