The Daily SimpliSaver Advertising APP publishing system is free to download and is designed to target customers who are busy and on the move.  The Advertising APP publishing system is made up of two parts – the community advertising alliance program and the APP publishing software which stores all advertising data.

The initial version of the APP is called the “Food Court”.  It targets school districts (grades 1 – 12), college students, office complexes, churches and apartment complexes within the community, Monday through Sunday with great savings on food.

The advertising APP publishing system enables newspapers to present advertising offers to their customer base on their cell phones.

The newspaper licenses the Daily SimpliSaver Advertising APP from our company on an annual basis.  Our company partners with newspapers by providing the Daily SimpliSaver APP advertising/publishing system to them to sell advertising and increase their revenue base.  All advertising transactions are maintained in the APP publishing software.

There are over 400 franchised logos stored in our database.  Daily vendor offers are managed through the publishing software.  The publishing software stores all advertising offer activities in our database so the advertising client knows the result of their dollar investment.


Benefits and Features

  • Very cost effective and easy to publish for media on a daily basis.
  • It increases advertising revenue for media by providing more opportunities for advertisers to use their products.
  • No coupons or circulation waste found as in mass media products.
  • Encourages customers to make purchases NOW because of the unique offers and the limited time frames.
  • Easy access to over 400 logos stored in a data base for publishers.
  • Publishing system tracks all views and click-ons to ads which are redeemed.

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