Website Design

We have a wide skill set available

Web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development, but you will often hear it used interchangeably with web development. When we hear the term web design we understand that to mean everything there is involved with bringing a website to market; even if we are only speaking about the process of how the site will look at the moment. 

How your site looks encompasses a wide variety of designing and marketing techniques. We build sites that not only stand out, but are inherently familiar. We carefully pair fonts for the most effective communication. We also choose your colors with awareness to your site’s goals. 

Your logo and company branding is hardly better displayed than on your website. Your website is how people will remember you. It is how people identify with you and your business. Many will make the decision to do business with you just based on how your site looks and works. 

In order for people know see your site and decide to do business with you they have to be able to find your site which is why we design and development them with SEO in mind. Specifically SEO is another topic, but it is important to note that it is not ignored even in this stage of development.

If you need for LaunchedIT to take a look at your company branding we would be glad to help with that too. We do professional photography, copywriting, logo design and more. So go ahead and ask away. We are here to help. 

Design is our life [Spokane website design]

Company Branding

When you think of your brand what comes to mind? Your logo? A certain color? 

That’s good! 

Your company branding is that and a lot more. It is anything and everything that can be identified with your business. How images are used, your tagline even the copy on your website can affect your branding. It needs to be consistent. 

We do not recommend handing over your company branding to a company you don’t trust. 

Graphic Design

When we make your business cards, flyers or anything else we stay true to your brand. It helps to have a professional photographer available. 

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